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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Capture the Glint

Ironically, my last blog was titled "Oh for the days when life was simple" - nearly 4 months ago! Needless to say, life has definitely not been simple these last months. Nothing I couldn't handle, because obviously I have, but nevertheless the words busy, complicated, crisis could all be applied. I'm sure I could come up with some more adjectives if I took a few more minutes.

Nevertheless, as the New Year 2011 awaits just around the corner, I sit here reflecting on what 2010 held for my family. I remember, of all things, a trip to Walmart this past fall. I pulled into the turn lane and glanced to my right. Next to me was an older gentleman. He sat somberly at the light, eyes forward. A moment later, a restored hot rod pulled along the other side of his vehicle. As it came to a stop, I watched a glint form in the man's eyes as a smile spread wide across his face. He seized that moment to enjoy something as simple as a beautiful car.

After the light turned, I peeled off to the West and made my way into the parking lot. This small, seemingly insignificant scene left me feeling so full of joy that I paused for a moment to record what I had seen. I knew I wanted to tell all of you about it on this blog. Now if only I knew where that notebook is, I could have just typed my recollections directly from it! But it impacted me so much, here I am several months later and I can still see the joy on that man's face and don't need those words.

Undoubtedly, many of you are wondering what in the world did she see in that traffic lot stop? The picture that was painted in my head that day is how important it is to take time in life to notice the small things. Find the joy that surrounds us every day. Even if it is something as simple as a beautiful car.

As this year closes out, I have found myself surrounded with memories that are not all fun. But I can also think of many memories that bring joy. I remember watching Cameron make his first catch in a high school football game. I remember the look on Ashley's face as her grandpa tickled her just as he did when she was five years old. I remember Roger's smile when he came home from racing after a good night. I recall the twinkle return to Kenny's eye when he finally got a job! And I remember the excitement that Jessica exubed when she came home a red head. While seemingly insignificant, these are the moments that come quickly to my mind and quickly overshadow some of the more somber memories of the year. These are the memories that will bring joy to my heart in the years to come and remind me to look for the joy that fills life.

My hope for you all this year is that it is a year full of joys! Happy New Year!!

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