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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music - Melodies of Our Heart

I recently found myself driving three hours home with only Cameron in the car. Being the teenager he is, he chose to sleep. I had time to reflect on many things during that drive. At one point, I pulled over to type some notes on Blog ideas into the notepad in my cell phone. My mind was running rampant with all I had experienced during my week away from home.

One thing I enjoyed was listening to the music I like. I have loaded an inexpensive MP3 player with over 600 songs. I am thankful for being able to transfer CD’s and records to this marvelous piece of modern technology. The vast majority of the songs are from my teen years as well as my early 20’s. They all evoke different feelings and memories. I love listening to the songs from those years, they remind me of spring Friday nights, riding in the car with the windows down, hair blowing, and laughing with friends.

There are also the songs such as “God Bless the USA”, by Lee Greenwood, or Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” or “Angry American” (also recognized as “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue”). Of course there are others, and I’m sure they are not all country songs. But there is nothing like a patriotic song to get your blood running.

Then there are those that remind me of old boyfriends, I’m sure you have some of those songs yourself. It’s not that I want to think of them, but I truly liked those songs and like to listen to them now. I love Debbie Gibson’s” Lost in Your Eyes”, it is just a byproduct that I remember the boy I was dating. I can’t help it that it played on the radio constantly during that time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bother Roger. I would tell you why, but then I would have to kill you because Roger would be mortified if I shared that detail with you.

I love being able to hear some of those more obscure songs that Roger shakes his head at when they come on. At the top of that list is Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”. You’ve probably never heard it. If this tells you anything, I watched her perform it on Saturday Night Live, April 19, 1986. I wish I could say my memory was that good, but I googled it. Wikipedia defines her music as experimental, and I would agree. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do!

At the opposite end of the spectrum is what you might refer to as church songs. There is nothing like listening to them on your way to church as you prepare to worship God. Or turning to them when you are frustrated, or angry, or need comfort. “Awesome God” is one of my favorites to pull up.

Classics are not all that you will find on my MP3. Sidenote: As Bowling for Soup so eloquently puts it, when did hair bands become classic rock? I am really enjoying some of today’s music and have downloaded many of them as well (does anyone buy CD’s anymore). I really enjoy Adele, specifically “Rolling in the Deep” and Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”. 

My eclectic taste continues to grow and I try to give everything a shot. You never know what will evoke emotions. Music is one thing we can all agree on, no matter our sex, level of education, or political affiliation. Music evokes emotions in all of us. It can bring us to life, it can make us sad, or it can comfort us. I hope to always have music in my life.

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