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Monday, July 11, 2011

Life on the Road

My plans for the summer included staying home, staying home, and staying home. About mid-February, those plans started their tumble. I was busy getting ready for our family vacation over Spring Break, when our friends asked us to go to Colorado with them this summer.

Several years ago, I followed in my grandparents footsteps, and invited these same friends to go to the Grand Canyon with us. It had meant a lot to me to share in my grandparents adventures with their friends through pictures and videos. I wanted to create those same memories for my family.

On top of our friends being so excited about the prospect, my husband had been wanting to get back to Colorado for several years. One look at Roger's face, and I knew we had to go. Needless to say, we just finished a week in Colorado. Four adults. Four children, ages 4, 8, 11, and 16. We had a great time! Short hikes, long hikes, sitting by the lake, picnics in National Parks- and daily shows by two beautiful little girls to keep us entertained. Just the memories I want to create!

In June, I also spent some time in Kansas City with 8 teenagers, including my youngest son and two of his best friends. They had just completed a 2 week Inter Distance Learning Chinese class through the Confucius Institute. The course ended with a trip to KC for some interaction with other students from two states that had taken the course as well. I went along as a sponsor, and was privileged to meet some of the Chinese teachers, in the states for a period to work with the program. They were so wonderful to meet. It was great fun seeing how much the teens had learned.

With three weeks of summer left for me, I find myself preparing for one last trip. This time Cameron and I are headed to Minnesota Saturday. I will be taking my aunt, where we will leave Cameron with my dad for four days and travel the North Shore, and into Wisconsin and Michigan.

While I had not planned on travelling this summer, I look forward to one last trip before returning to work. Most importantly, I am looking forward to making a few more memories to store in my minds eye.

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